Sunshine Samoyeds

Sunshine’s Hot Spot
Sire: CH Shaman’s Day in the Sun – (Cody)
Dam: CH Snowbastian’s Golden Sunrise – (Sabrina)
DOB: 4/3/05
OFA: Too young

Maverick, what can we say about Mavi. He is a ball of energy. Day and night Mavi is the life of the party. He is our “challenge” dog who is full of mischief. He constantly keeps us laughing. We kept Maverick as a potential show dog, however Maverick did not grow into a big boy like his daddy. He is just below standard in height and weighs about 45 lbs. We fell in love with him anyway and just couldn’t part with him. So…Mavi went to the vet and got “fixed” and is happy as a lark playing with his sister, mother, father and whoever else might play with him. Once he matures a little more we will try him out in the agility ring. Maverick is a very smart boy, his confirmation is beautiful just a little on the small side for showing. He is a beautiful/handsome boy who I will be making my calendar boy since he just absolutely loves the camera. He is full of life and will keep us all smiling at home for a long time to come.