Sunshine Samoyeds

Sunshine Samoyeds is located in Florida just north of Tampa. Our love for the Samoyed breed began in 1988 with the purchase of our first dog Jesse.  Jesse was a great ambassador for the breed so when he asked for a sister we could not let him down. Over the years our Samoyed family has grown. Not only have we added dogs to our home but we have added many people to our lives. The families that own our puppies have also joined and enriched our lives with the love they have for their fur children along with all the stories and pictures we get from time to time. We have been truly  blessed to find awesome homes for all of our grandchildren.

Here at Sunshine we have some show dogs and some pets.  We actively compete in conformation shows with a few of our Sams. Any dog not shown or used for breeding gets fixed and lives happily ever after in our home. Any breeding that we do is always well planned.  We have a very good reputation for the temperaments of our puppies. We have three males that all live inside together in perfect harmony. Our Sammies are first and foremost part of our family and we love and enjoy them like they are our children. Browse our site for pages on all the kids and join in our excitement on these wonderfully bred Samoyeds.